Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Back in the groove

My new teammate, who I appropriately gave the nickname Cardboard (though he doesn't know it yet), is slowly warming up to me. Or... should I say... is getting to know me a bit better and therefore, is getting to be much less like cardboard.

Me: K, you're never ordering lunch for us again.
N: She was so mad carrying all that food in.
K: You're kinda high maintenance, aren't you?
H: Oh, you have no idea how high maintenance she is.
Me: And it was hot outside.

K: So do you hate San Francisco? Since you're from LA.
Me: Yup, hate it.
K: Why?
Me: The people.
K: Really? Even compared to LA?
Me: The only problem with LA people is that they're cliquish. If you aren't from LA, LA don't love you.

K: Of course you like sushi. Female, Asian, from LA.
Me: Yea, but I'm kinda snobby about it.
K: What are you not snobby about?

And it feels great to have client contact again, especially with ones who like us.

C: I hope that's not the only thing you're eating for lunch.
Me: Yea, it's just to hold me over.
C: I can't remember the last time I had Sour Patch Kids.
Me: Oh, help yourself.
C: I take it you have a sweet tooth?
Me: I'm headed straight to diabetes.

I think our RA thinks I'm a raging bitch. But honestly, how can she think that what she sent to me was adequate? I really question whether people actually think beyond that first level of logic.

RA: Can you at least look at the spreadsheet I sent to you?
Me: I did, but I need more than 4 lines of data. Here, I'll send you a sample.
RA: This has over a hundred lines.
Me: Yea.

And now for all the geeks.

Me: I don't care if it's shitty. I just want to get something down so H can react to it.
J: Yea, f--k waterfall. It's all about iteration. Agile all the way.
Me: Totally.

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