Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Texas nights

"There's something wrong with your love story, baby..."

I need to watch that movie. Savages. I'm not even sure when it comes out, but when it does... I need to watch it. For so many reasons.

Now, for the stupidest thing I overheard today... while we were at a sports bar watching the Finals:
"Hey look, they're all wearing the same shirt. Do you think they gave those to everyone?"
No, lady, everyone bought the same f--king shirt. Are you for reals? Dummy.

Anyway, I'm really sick but I look like I'm fine. The problem with this is that no one believes me when I say that I'm sick. But in reality, I am really sick. So instead, my conversations go kinda like this:
"I'm really sick."
"Stop bitching and get back to work."
"I'm trying, but I'm dying inside."
"Grow some balls."
"I hate you assholes."

I hope healthy Future Connie remembers to say the same shit to Future Sick Teammates who didn't feel sorry for Past Sick Connie. Future Connie is going feel great about that.

And to close, a sample of how I interact with Peggy:
"I really want to watch Savages. Tim Riggins."
"Right when you said that the commercial came on. He is hot."
"Goddamn. Tim Riggins."

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