Saturday, September 15, 2012

Enter the Russian

Let me take a minute to describe my first few days on my brand new project.

M: I got your pages at 2:00am.
Me: Yea, I couldn't fall asleep.
M: Don't ever do that again.
Me: I didn't expect you to read them right away.
M: No one should send anything at 2:00am.

M: Are you going to run tonight?
Me: I want to.
M: I'm against that.
Me: Well, I like to run.
M: That's bullshit. No one likes to run.
Me: I do.

M: I'm going to send you my section.
Me: Okay.
M: You own the document.
Me: Okay.
M: Add pages and send it out.
Me: Okay.

Document sent

M: Did you run last night?
Me: No, I didn't have time.
M: Every night you don't run, I'm going to celebrate.
Me: That's really mean.
M: You won't run tonight.
Me: Yes, I will.

M: I like your dress.
Me: Thanks.
M: It'd look better if you were wearing heels.
Me: Thanks.

Me: I think I'm learning how to deal with you.
M: Really? How?
Me: I just ignore 75% of what you say.
M: Let's see how far that gets you.

M: _________ but focus on your sections.
M: Then, ___________. My flight will land at 9:30pm.
M: So, __________________. Don't work too hard.
Me: This is totally working.

Just to clarify, I really like my current study and my current team.

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