Friday, May 29, 2015

The week in review...

I feel like I've been in this perpetual Budweiser commercial where they keep pounding it into your brain that anything can happen... if you have a beer.

Now replace "beer" with "whiskey" and "Budweiser commercial" with "my past week."

It all started on Tuesday when I woke up after an epic long weekend... and I have this exchange with CL.

CL: Is it cool if I stay with you?
Me: Sure.
CL: Booked. I'm coming up.
Me: When?
CL: Tonight. I land at 9:15pm.

Yea. Background story, CL grew up in Houston and apparently, it was a big deal for her to come up and watch her team lose. Sorry, CL. 

K: You're coming to the game with us, right?
Me: Why don't we just wait until the Finals?
K: We can go to the Finals, too.
Me: Oh yea, okay, sure. Because we're ballers, shot callers.
K: You have to come with us.
Me: Fine.

RY: It's okay to have a fling with the Warriors but don't forget your Lakers.
Me: You try not to think about your wife when you're with your chick on the side.

Fast forward to Wednesday when we actually end up buying tickets at the last minute and go to the game.

AC: You want a beer?
Me: No.
AC: What do you want then?
Me: Bulleit and Ginger.
AC: Bourbon?
Me: I'll admit to liking Bourbon over Scotch.
AC: I already know what type of girl you are.
Me: Which is?
AC: Korean.
Me: You're a quick one.

The Dubs won, in case you didn't know. And CL went on a bender, which of course, leads to late-night pho.

Me: Where are we going? I've been in this car forever.
AC: We're gonna get pho.
Me: If we're not there in 30 seconds, I'm getting out of this car.
AC: Seriously?
Me: 30! 29! 28!
CL: You better get her some pho.

Thursday. Woke up droggy and missed the shuttle. First for everything. Called in sick and managed to feel better by the afternoon in time to see daylight outside.

CL: What a great weekend!
Me: It's Thursday.
CL: Hahaha... oh yeah...

CL: Take me somewhere I won't buy anything.
Me: Okay, let's go to Prada.
CL: Oh, nice.

I accidentally bought a bag. Oops. In my defense, it was on sale. And honestly, I don't need to defend myself when buying anything Prada. I take care of myself nicely.

Then I randomly found myself at a Korean concert last night. We went to Playground afterwards - haven't been since college - and got sized up by a girl I haven't seen since high school. I didn't even bother to get annoyed by it. I also won't quote anything from that conversation because it's too incriminating on my personal life. Let's just say she tried to discourage my life choices. Hahaha...

Friday. Woke up dazed and confused, and missed the shuttle AGAIN. Apparently, things can happen two days in a row.

AC: Are you still riding that struggle bus?
Me: Yes. It's not stopping. And I've been pulling the fucking chord all morning.

Me: I'm such a shit show right now.
JS: You're never a shit show.
Me: Thanks for saying that even after having seen so many of my episodes.
JS: We all have episodes. It's part of our friendship.
Me: The good news is that I still look good.

And now it's the start of the weekend and my Budweiser commercial is still going on.

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