Friday, April 17, 2015

Greater than the sum of its parts

"Today is the best day of my life!!!"

I shouted that in the middle of NikeTown when the Sales Associate handed me a pair of shoes that I for sure thought was sold out. I even gave her a hug.

Yesterday was seriously one of the best days. I know winning small battles doesn't win the war, but it sure makes a girl happy.

First Win Of The Day
Going to the China Consulate is like being transported straight into China because (1) no one speaks English and (2) no one stands in line. Good thing is you don't need either to get shit done... just like in China! Shimmied to the front, handed money, got passport, done. I think I impressed a Chinese grandma that was there because she looked at me with anger, which I interpreted as praise.

Second Win Of The Day
I realized I'm a half-size bigger in Nikes. Both shoes out of stock everywhere. SOL, right? WRONG! The Sales Associate somehow managed to find not one, but BOTH pairs of sickass Nike kicks hiding in the back room. To a runner, new Nikes is better than... yea.

Third Win Of The Day
My subway ride home from NikeTown was considered a transfer since I was there less than two hours. Again, small win but shit. It feels good to save $2.25.

Fourth Win Of The Day
I had the best instructor at SoulCycle. He was gay and he was fabulous.

Instructor: The other day I got super drunk at the airport and decided it'd be fun to flirt with this girl who was sitting by herself and get her number. She ended up giving it to me and I thought, "Heeeeeey, still got it!"

By the way, my team told me they found my blog and read it.
G: Are you upset we found it and read it?
Me: No, I'm flattered. Aren't I funny?
G: You are!
Me: I'm also extremely narcissistic. Anyway, get back to work.

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