Thursday, November 7, 2013

Writing emails for a living

A: You write the best emails.
Me: I do?
A: Yea, they're so weird.

To be honest, I sometimes forget that I'm writing to colleagues - but then again, who am I kidding? I rarely hide my true personality in any given setting. What you see is what you get - and if that means that my colleagues think I'm weird, well... I'm okay with that.

Here are some examples I've sent to my current team...

Hey P -

My main ask for tomorrow from the client is as follows:
1. Feedback on content, chewed, digested
2. Workshop agenda alignment from the peanut gallery

My main ask for P, Mentor of the Month (true story):
1. Review and comments on the workshop document - hint: it's awesome
2. I just wrote this because a list requires more than one line

Okay, thanks a ton!

From outerspace,

Gang - 

Just thinking that for each section, we need to summarize the "how the hell did we come to this conclusion" and then follow w the detailed pages. I only pulled in the pages that are good enough to share - needless to say, we have much more than this but didn't want to put all the eggs on the table until they were ready to hatch. It can adapt, but just wanted to get the "yea, totally" before building out.


Okay team -

Here is the main deliverable aka Mothership aka USS Enterprise currently in all its glory. Still have a lot of floating input around - so don't judge on "hey, where's that page I thought I said to put in here" just quite yet.

Keep comments to yourself. Just kidding.


And that was just today. Oh, and I wrote that first one on my flight which is why I said "outerspace" - which is actually the flight I am on right now - so technically, I'm writing this blog from outerspace, too.

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